Checking out your Valentine or future life partner

Valentine’s Day is the day when lovers all over the world await eagerly to celebrate their love for each other. It is also the day when singles long for a partner to cherish the moment. With all the internet matchmaking and dating sites which are available, finding a Valentine or even a future life partner is at your fingertips, or simply a click away. However, how can you be sure of a stranger’s identity? Is it possible for you to rest assured that your Valentine is not a sex offender, looking for the next prey? Can you know that the one proposing to you is not a criminal on the run? At some point in life, it is essential to get to know more information about a person, especially if you are planning to get into a long term relationship with him or her. A little background check will not hurt; rather prove to be beneficial in the long run.

Logically speaking, checking out something before making a decision is important in our everyday life. Before we buy a car, we go to great lengths to find out the specifications. Even at the store, we read the labels before we make a purchase. So, when it comes to love and tying the knot, checking out a Valentine or future life partner should not be taken lightly. Investigators and lawyers everywhere advocate conducting checks to find out whether a person has criminal records or sex offenses before taking the plunge of a lifetime.

Just as it is easy to find a partner online, so it is equally simple to perform a quick people search online. All you need is a couple of basic information about the person you are checking out, such as name and email address. Then, you are on your way. You can begin by asking your partner or future spouse for these details. If they have nothing to hide, they would freely give it, and would not even attempt to give you false information. If it is not too much to ask, you can request him or her to reveal personal identification documents, just to be sure. If questions of ethics, invasion of privacy or even trust bother your mind, think again about all those people who have been conned in the name of love. When two people are sincere about each other, clean records in background checks will only bring you closer.  Therefore, start a Background Check in Less than 2 minutes!

Once you have the basic information of a person, you can begin to conduct a registry search online. Most states and countries make their records known to public online, so it is relatively easy to find people’s records on the internet. All you have to do is to go to the Google website and run a search on criminal records using the search engine. There are a lot of free websites available to search for people’s criminal records. Once you pick the site that can run a search, you just have to key in details like name and email address of the person you are searching. Then the search may provide you what you are looking for. One of the commonly used free public records sites to verify whether a person has committed sex offense is the N.C. Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry. There are many available sites which conduct more detailed background searches, but these usually require a fee. In fact, there are even matrimonial verification services online, to check out everything about a potential spouse.

Another alternative will be to find information from the local authorities. The courts and police department will be able to provide you with certain information if you request it in formal writing. Through this means, you would be able to obtain more detailed and reliable information such as judgments being issued against a person and civil investigations that are being carried out. However, this way of performing background verification is time consuming, and can take up to a month or more. The positive side to it is that it is usually free of charge.

Getting into a love relationship can trigger your hormones and puff up clouds of bliss, but it is best to use your head and take safety precautions before giving it your all. Experts of the law often advice us to be extremely careful when using matchmaking or dating sites. They warn us to run away when the other person wants to borrow money. With the number of scams and fraud on the rise, it is only wise to do a background check on your Valentine or future life partner.

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