Types of Driving records Available Online

Looking forward to hiring a driver? Want to take a look at your personal driving record before applying for a job? Well, to make your job simple, the Department of Motor Vehicles actually allows individuals to obtain their driving records from the Internet. However, most people do not know how to obtain these records while some are not even aware of this facility.

The first thing you need to know before searching through the web for your records is the types of driving records available online. Technically, there are three types of records; driving infraction, which is the most common and least severe. Then you have the driving misdemeanor, which is more severe than the first one. The last one is the driving felony offense and this is the most severe case and is normally seen as a criminal act and punished as such.

Driving infraction is the most common type of driving records available to the public. Driving infraction usually consists of the basic offenses which most of us have committed at least once in our life such as speeding or parking violations. These records are usually available from the local Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV office in your area. Upon requesting, some DMV offices will email you your records within a few hours, while some may send it to you by mail. It doesn’t really matter how you get it. Most importantly, you can make these requests from your comfortable office chair at home.

However, there is also a catch. If you are planning on requesting someone else’s records, you must have a release form signed by the individual you’re investigating. All DMV offices will require you to pay a certain amount of fees for these records and these fees may vary depending on the DMV office in your area.

Moving on, driving misdemeanor offenses are more severe as compared to driving infractions. These offenses usually include driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), running a red light and so on.  These offenses are considered as criminal offences because the offender is normally subjected to a huge fine and in some cases involve jail time, or both if deemed necessary.

A full background screening done by private investigators will usually show these records. However, if you’re not willing to spend money on these records, you can also obtain these records for free on the Internet through court websites. Usually, the DMV will also keep some of these records, but these records are often incomplete while some are even inaccurate thus making it a very unreliable source.

Lastly, driving felony offenses are the most severe kind of driving offenses. Offenses such as hit-and-run cases, repeated DWI / DWI infractions or vehicular homicide incidents are usually categorized under driving felony offenses. These offenders are usually sent to criminal courts and if found guilty, will be charged with a hefty fine followed by serving time in jail depending on the severity of the case. Although these offenses are recorded in government criminal records, it is also opened to the public and can be accessed for free through a court website.

Although it sounds very simple, but there are many websites online that can provide you with these information. However, not all websites will give you the information you need. Some websites will provide these driving records for free, some with a set amount of fees like the DMV websites and some even provide a portion of the record for free while the other portion is subjected to a certain fee.

Driving Record Search, Using The Government’s Registry!

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