Checking Potential Employee’s Criminal Records

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Hiring a potential employee? According to a survey, almost 30% of small businesses failed due to employee theft. This is because most companies do not check their employee’s criminal records before hiring them, resulting in poor hiring decisions. A poor hiring decision not only determines the fate of your company but also affects your cost of hiring. In order to prevent all this from happening, it is crucial to check your employee’s criminal record before deciding whether or not to hire him. Here are some basics things you have to understand while checking their criminal records.

Most small businesses often fail because they forgo the need to check their employee’s criminal records. These employers do not realise that there are legal liabilities associated with employee screening. For example, if a customer is harmed by an employee with a criminal record during a direct service, the company is liable for the damage dealt. Most of the time, these companies would not be able to recover from the lawsuit filed against it. Therefore, it is severely important that employers understand the need to screen their employee’s criminal records.

In order to protect the interests of your company and customers, you should choose to work with a background screening agency that you can trust. Since there are many of these companies out there that provides all kinds of services to their customers, it is crucial to select one that provides quality and reliable service. To ensure that you’ve picked the right company, always do a research on the company before deciding.

There are several points you can include in your research. Number one, customer service; check that company provides a toll-free number that is answered by an actual person that can help you with your questions. Number two, research; do a search in the internet for customer opinions on the company, if one company has a few negative results, try another. By choosing a quality agency, you can rest assured that your employee’s criminal records will be properly screened.

However, before checking your employee’s criminal records, you must first understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act ( FCRA ). The purpose of this act is to protect the privacy rights of the employees and provide them with an alternative if the employer were to make a hiring decision based on incomplete or inaccurate data during a criminal record check.

Once you’ve understood the purpose of the act, there are a few steps you’ll have to take before you can begin checking an employee’s criminal records. First, employees maintain the right to know that a criminal record check is being done on them. If you are going to run criminal records check through a third-party agency, it is important to obtain a written consent from the employee.

Second, if you decide based on the information found by checking his/her criminal records, you’ll have to inform the employee of the source used for the check. Some employers make their decisions based on purchased public records; if you’re that type of employer you’ll find that these records will put your company into hot water as they not always accurate and updated.

The FCRA is not flawless. Since this it is only tied to third-party agencies,companies that conduct criminal records check themselves are not subjected to this act. Due to this problem, many potential employees failed to obtain the job due to identity theft.

In some countries such as California, rap sheets are criminal histories compiled by law enforcement agencies; these are government records and are not released to the public. However, companies that run public utilities or child care and other security firms are given access to these records.

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